We at Royal Salt Limited aim to produce edible and industrial grade salt on par with International Quality Standards. The manufacturing cycle is carefully controlled hence ensuring product quality and reliability. Using a range of modern technologies, our production is capable of producing both Industrial Grade salt and salt suitable for domestic consumption.

Royal Salt aims to provide customers with international quality products, and has been highlighted by Unicef as a major contributor to bringing universal salt iodisation to Nigeria, the first African country to achieve this goal. Leveraging off its understanding and experience of modern technology, and utilizing professional manpower, Royal Salt is able to keep costs down and provide customers with the best quality available in Nigeria.

Our team is comprised of professionals who have valuable industrial expertise in the field of production of salt and chemicals. Over the years, they have mastered all manufacturing techniques and are hence able to produce superior quality salts in a minimal time period. Further, our regular training sessions broadens their industrial knowledge and motivate them to improve efficiency to face market challenges.