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Initially released within the early Nineteen Fifties, The Scalpel, the Sword celebrates the turbulent profession of Dr. Norman Bethune (1890-1939), a super health professional, campaigner opposed to inner most drugs, communist, and picture artist. Bethune belonged to that foreign contingent of people who well-known the specter of fascism on this planet and went out courageously to aim to defeat it.

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Com page 46 Issue 055 July 2010 Concept art for Games Chapter 1: Environments concept is that of a prison planet, it is vital that the composition as a whole. I can always I decide to shift the colors more towards a shade the colors reflect a hostile and cold environment develop the finer details at a later stage. 02). 05). This again is to push the cold, dramatic I continue this process by further refining feeling. I also paint in fog to certain areas to the image. I do this by continuing to block in push the atmosphere further and add a greater I continue this process until I have established the smaller structures in the foreground and sense of depth to the image.

Some artists into a multitude of parts). choose to utilize the main color of the canvas as strong the light is). 02). No prior preliminary sketch has been produced cool feel. 03). Instead, we will start on to adding some secondary elements (sub faint grey-blue wash to provide a monochromic forms) to reinforce the main shapes. 04). 01), try to establish a good shot of one of the sinusoid structures. A faint suggestion of warmth, perhaps from a local light, can be added to accentuate the aspect of the near structure vs the backdrop.

Com page 63 Issue 055 July 2010 Painting Steampunk Environments: Chapter 5 - D’Machinis The Five Ages of Steampunk edges of some vehicles, or all that lovely design star, the following would be generally true: that perhaps in their world the sky would be silver is obliterated) the sky is blue-violet and the daybreak/evening green and the oceans cerulean tinged with red... 5. Apply reflected lighting (from the local lights) is golden red within the human visible spectrum of light. T. might perceive a Thus, light wavelengths are a bit more Having applied all these measures, there is shorter or longer spectrum of visible light, and complicated and are only thus due to perceived that last 1% to tidy up, in terms of some focal if they could describe to you what they saw, visible light by the human eye.

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