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By Allan Gotthelf, Gregory Salmieri

ISBN-10: 1405186844

ISBN-13: 9781405186841

The first quantity to provide a entire scholarly remedy of Rand’s complete corpus (including her novels, her philosophical essays, and her research of the occasions of her times), this Companion presents very important orientation and context for students and informed readers grappling with a debatable and understudied philosopher whose enduring impact on American (and global) tradition is more and more recognized.

  • The first book to supply an in-depth scholarly therapy ranging over the complete of Rand’s corpus
  • Provides educated contextual research for students in quite a few disciplines
  • Presents unique learn on unpublished fabric and drafts from the Rand documents in California
  • Features insightful and fair-minded interpretations of Rand’s debatable positions

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Here are a few brief examples, all from “The Benefits and Hazards of the Philosophy of Ayn Rand” (VAR). As evidence that Rand’s philosophy encourages repression, he points to examples of heroic characters suppressing unpleasant emotions or feeling isolated from others, and he promotes some of his later books as offering advice on how to overcome this tendency. However, in Atlas Shrugged, d the suppression Branden calls attention to is portrayed, not as a healthy way of functioning, but as an error that admirable people often make in difficult circumstances.

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One of her cousins told her that she should read Nietzsche: “He has 23 SHOSHANA MILGRAM anticipated you. ” Curious, she first read Thus Spake Zarathustra, and then read everything by Nietzsche that had been translated into Russian. She discovered some points of contact (his celebration of human greatness) and some significant disparities (his hostility to reason and his conflation of power over nature with power over other people). She originally placed a quotation from Nietzsche at the head of her manuscript for The Fountainheadd, and selected additional Nietzsche quotations for each of the four parts of the novel.

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A Companion to Ayn Rand by Allan Gotthelf, Gregory Salmieri

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