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Alzinger is correct in rejecting the link between the capital and the Attic base 27 in Wiegand's drawing, in tenns of the frrst occurences ofthe Attic base in the east Ionian mainland. He justly points out the th~ correspondence ofthe capital fonn to the Sixth Cent BC examples from Athens leg Ion-30 of 530 BC and Ion-35 of 520 BC], which, according to him, must predate this capital; It is here then that we must look for a date, as well as the stylistic link. 74) date ofthe second quarter of the Sixth Cent BC is surely optimistic.

Lon-l0 Parian marble Ionic capital of a votive column (with separated canalis) from the Katapoliani church, Paros. Paros Museum, item 775 (MUnchen TO No. M70). Site found: Katapoliani church, Paros. 1l3). 23), in terms of proportions. 824, Fig. 9, Fig. l-2. Dimensions: Although some dimensions are measured accurately, some are approximate and used for comparative purposes. The dimensions for the length, width and height of the capital, the volute centre to volute centre, the volute top to volute centre, the capital bottom bearing surface diameter, the horizontal overhang ofthe echinus cyma from the bottom bearing edge, and the top bearing surface length are from measurements taken by the author from the artefact in the Museum, but a tape was used in stead of calipers.

168) identified the capital as Late Archaic. 162) gives a date of 540\1 0 BC. 37). 21O». 363-72, Fig,49 [det dwgs], 50 [photos], 54 [axonometric]. 2). 3-4». Due to the long history of speculation around this capital, Gruben's hypothetical dimensions are still provided, even though capital lon-48 obviously now provides the dimensions for an outer capital. 360) identifies the Porinos Naos as an in-antis temple. 21O). 168) for references ofdifferent datings [mostly Late Archaic] as well as different functional assignations leg Courby (Delos XII) assigned it to the Propylon] and (1997, Note 265) for the capital's history.

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