A Short Life of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Tejasananda, Swami Mumukshananda PDF

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By Swami Tejasananda, Swami Mumukshananda

ISBN-10: 8175050721

ISBN-13: 9788175050723

A brief biography of Ramakrishna; one of many maximum Indian Mystics of the 19th century.

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All right,’ said the monk, ‘go and ask your mother. ’ Sri Ramakrishna went into the Kali temple and spoke of the matter to the Mother and in a state of trance heard Her command: ‘Yes, my boy, go and learn of him. ’ In a state of semiconsciousness and with a beaming countenance, Sri Ramakrishna returned and said to Totapuri that he had his Mother ’s permission. Totapuri could not help smiling at his apparent superstition in addressing the image in the temple as Mother, for, as a Vedantist, he looked upon Shakti—the kinetic state of Brahman, which Sri Ramakrishna worshipped as Mother—as SRI RAMAKRISHNA 57 nothing but an illusion.

The most remarkable feature about Sri Ramakrishna’s Tantrika Sadhana was that he attained perfection in every course in an SRI RAMAKRISHNA 51 incredibly short time—three days being sufficient. Not only was Sri Ramakrishna’s perfection in this Sadhana unique and unprecedented, but to him also was due the restoration of the purity of the ancient Tantrika practices at the present age. The Kali temple of Dakshineswar was a favourite resort of devotees and Sadhus because of its seclusion and holy association, as well as of Rani Rasmani’s liberality.

Every religion is nothing but one of such paths. ‘The mind and intellect can comprehend and put in terms of language the range of thought up to the Vishishtadvaita and no further. In its perfection, the Absolute and Manifestation are seen to be equally real. The Lord’s name, His abode, and He himself are found to be composed of the one spiritual substance. Everything is spiritual, the variance being only in form. ‘The Advaita is the last word in realization. ’ Sri Ramakrishna now became convinced that his extraordinary spiritual struggles and realizations were not for himself, but to usher in a new era of spiritual unfoldment and to show mankind how to overcome the obstacles on the way to God-realization.

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A Short Life of Sri Ramakrishna by Swami Tejasananda, Swami Mumukshananda

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