Active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone by Beth Shaw PDF

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By Beth Shaw

ISBN-10: 3642208037

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This thesis is extraordinary for the wide variety of the options and observations used and for its insights, which go numerous disciplines. It starts through fixing a recognized puzzle of the traditional global, that is what was making the tsunami that destroyed settlements within the japanese Mediterranean in 365 advert. through radiocarbon courting of preserved marine organisms, Shaw demonstrates that the total of western Crete used to be lifted out of the ocean through as much as 10 meters in a big earthquake at the moment, which occured on a formerly unknown fault. the writer exhibits that the ensuing tsunami may have the features defined through historic writers, and makes use of glossy GPS measurements and beach geomorphology to teach that the stress build-up close to Crete calls for the sort of tsunami-earthquake approximately each 6.000 years - an incredible perception into Mediterranean tsunami probability. a close seismological examine of earthquakes within the Cretan arc over the past 50 years finds different vital good points of its behaviour that have been formerly unknown. ultimately, she offers primary insights into the restrictions of radiocarbon relationship marine organisms, in relation to how they secrete carbon into their skeletons. The thesis led to 3 significant papers in most sensible journals.

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White circles indicate sites of uplift observations on Crete, Antikythira and Gavdos. b W-E profile of shoreline elevations along south coast of Crete measured by Pirazzoli et al. [7], Spratt [4] and ourselves, with 1 m error bars representing uncertainties arising from tidal range and measurement errors. The black line shows uplift calculated for best-fitting elastic model for earthquake; the blue line shows calculation allowing for post-seismic viscous relaxation (see text). c As for (b) but for S-N profile along west coast.

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Active tectonics of the Hellenic subduction zone by Beth Shaw

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