New PDF release: Adaptation volume 239

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By Richard C Lewontin

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List C is modified from April 2008 by the omission of “Electrical systems (including lighting systems) and cold water from item 2, the omission of item 3, and the omission of “Lifts, hoists, escalators and moving walkways” and their replacement by “Hoists” in item 6. Capital Allowances 7 Capital Allowances on plant and machinery are given in the form of writing down allowances at the rate of 20% per annum on a reducing balance basis (see paragraph below about temporary reintroduction of first year allowances in 2009-10).

978-0-415-55260-8: £115 electronic package only 978-0-203-87243-7: £105 (inc. sales tax where appropriate) Davis Langdon Materials prices are still rising for most products, subcontract prices are volatile, tender prices falling… The 24th edition, in its easy to read format, incorporates a general review throughout. Assumptions on overheads and profits have been revised downwards; preliminaries have been cut, on a lower cost base; and labour rates have been adjusted to reflect today’s economic climate.

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Adaptation volume 239 by Richard C Lewontin

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