Advanced inorganic chemistry by Cotton F., Wilkinson G., Murillo C., Bochmann M. PDF

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By Cotton F., Wilkinson G., Murillo C., Bochmann M.

ISBN-10: 0471199575

ISBN-13: 9780471199571

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The latter then undergoes an intramolecular attack by the amino group attached to the parent amidoxime. A second molecule of carbodiimide facilitates this transformation by abstracting the remaining alkyl- or aryl-amino moiety of carbodiimide. 26). Grant et al. (2008) have described the cyclization of O-acylamidoximes with aroyl chlorides in a continuous microreactor sequence to produce 1,2,4-oxadiazoles. The synthesis is completed in ca. 30 min, good yields of the products are achieved in quantities of 40–80 mg.

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