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By T.K. Ghose ,A. Fiechter, N.Blakebrough

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Fig. 20. , 1971) a genetic analysis as loci responsible for the biosynthesis of the antibiotic. The important genes responsible for the formation of tetracyclines may thus belong to different, frequently independent, metabolic pathways. A common feature of these loci is the final effect of their action-provision of intermediates for the biosynthetic process. Van~k et al. e. the transformation of the hypothetical tricyclic nonaketide, 56 z. HOg~ALEKet al. are grouped into the so-called ctc-operon, This idea is supported by the results of genetic analysis performed in S.

44 Z. HO~ALEK et al. c) Interspecific Recombination Most papers dealing with interspecific recombination between S. aureofaciens and S. rimosus emphasize the morphological markers or other taxonomic characteristics of the recombinants and do not provide any data on their biosynthetic activity (Ala~evid, 1965a, 1965b, 1969b). Only in a few preliminary experiments has it been found that, on crossing of mutants of S. rimosus producing trace amount of aureovocin with mutants of S. aureofaciens, recombinants could be obtained which phenotypically resembled S.

14. , 197l) 51 Genetic Problems of the Biosynthesis of Tetracycline Antibiotics ® NH2 2 x Me 0H- C6 M=e NIM%H Me OH N,MeaoH CONH2 OH O OH 0 OH OH CONH2 OH OH methyltetramid - blue BI Me OH _ _0 CONH 2 tetromid - ~reen Fig. 15. Biosynthesis of tetramid compounds (Van~k et aL, 1971) @ NH2 2xMe OH-C6 CI BI Me OH OH ~,, ~ C O N H z O H OH O OH OH chloraureovocidin ~,, ~ Me OH O H OH BI CONH2 OH O OH OH aureovocidin Fig. 16. , 1971) 52 Z. HOg1"ALEKet al. of two hypothetical intermediates, methylchlortetramid-blue and chlortetramid-green.

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