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By Richard Beals

ISBN-10: 0521600472

ISBN-13: 9780521600477

Appropriate for a - or three-semester undergraduate path, this textbook presents an creation to mathematical research. Beals (mathematics, Yale U.) starts with a dialogue of the homes of the genuine numbers and the idea of sequence and one-variable calculus. different subject matters comprise degree thought, Fourier research, and differential equations. it's assumed that the reader already has a great operating wisdom of calculus. approximately 500 routines (with tricks given on the finish of every) support scholars to check their realizing and perform mathematical exposition.

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The Real Numbers 19 r = m/n the real number (m · 1)(n · 1)−1 , which we denote by r . With some labor one can prove the following, for any rationals r and s. (a) r = s if and only if r = s. (b) (r + s) = r˜ + s˜ and (r s) = r s. (c) r < s if and only if r < s. ˜I = {˜r : r ∈ Q} In other words, the subset Q I of IR, using the operations and order from IR, is an exact copy of Q. I From now on we identify QI with this copy and consider it to be a subset of IR. 4. The preceding axioms characterize IR.

1/q N , where the q j are integers and q1 < q2 < . . < q N . 2. Discuss the probability that a real number chosen at random from the interval [0, 1] has no 7’s in its decimal expansion. 3. 8 using binary expansions. Be careful about the possibility of two binary expansions representing the same real number. 2C∗ . Algebraic and Transcendental Numbers We may think of the rational numbers as the subset of IR whose elements are all solutions of equations nx − m = 0, where n is a positive integer and m is any integer.

Xm−1 , then the remaining terms are contained in a smallest closed interval [am , bm ], where am = inf{xm , xm+1 , xm+2 , . . }, bm = sup{xm , xm+1 , xm+2 , . . }. (9) Consider, as an example, the sequence (2). For it we have an = 0 for every n, while b2k−1 = b2k = 1/(2k − 1), k = 1, 2, . . For the second sequence in (1), on the other hand, an = −1 and bn = 1, all n. It follows from the definitions that the intervals [an , bn ] are nested: a 1 ≤ a 2 ≤ a 3 ≤ . . ≤ a n ≤ bn ≤ . . ≤ b 3 ≤ b 2 ≤ b 1 , all n.

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