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By Aran Paulus, Antje Klockow-Beck, Kevin D. Altria

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ISBN-13: 9783322850201

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Carbohydrates are subsequent to nucleic acids and proteins the 3rd vital classification of biopolymers and we're simply starting to comprehend their position in organic platforms on a molecular point. lately, the post-translational amendment of proteins has got elevated curiosity. in particular the glycosylation of enzymes, receptors and antibodies is the point of interest of various study porjects because it turns into transparent that carbohydrates are occupied with mobile verbal exchange and immuno attractiveness techniques. so as ot comprehend this "sweet sugar language" and as a result use it in proteomics and the improvement of biopharmaceuticals, compatible analytical ideas need to be built to split carbohydrates with excessive selectivity in advanced organic matrices and quantify them in in minute quantities.

the current monograph covers all features of carbohydrate research via Capillary Electrophoresis together with instrumental facets, derivatization for prime sensitivity functions, separation stipulations and functions in quite a few fields and industries. it will likely be a useful resource of data for everybody considering carbohydrate study in lifestyles sciences together with glycobiology, biotechnology and immunology and within the meals industry.

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2 [4, 7]. To describe the composition of oligosaccharides a reduced nomenclature is applied which uses a short name consisting of three letters for the monosaccharide and the suffixes f and p for furanose and pyranose. 1 shows a list of the monosaccharide short names which are used throughout this book. If no other configuration is mentioned, the Dconfiguration of the sugar is assumed. 2. The most common naturally occurring oligosaccharide is saccharose which is widely distributed throughout the plant world.

However, the small size of the detection window and the required high photon density for efficient excitation made lasers an ideal source for fluorescence detection in capillaries [37]. Laser induced fluorescence (LIF) detection became the preferred detection method in CE for high sensitivity applications. 4 shows an schematic view of a commercial CE-LIF flow cell. The quantum efficiency and molar extinction coefficient of the fluorophore, a good match between its absorption maximum and wavelength of the laser and the available laser power will determine the sensitivity of a LIF setup.

A prerequisite for the formation of the stationary state and thus a requirement for ClEF, is the complete lack of EOF in the capillary during the focusing step. 6 Capillary Gel Electrophoresis The last CE separation mode in this series is Capillary Gel Electrophoresis (CGE) [59]. In this mode, cross-linked gels or entangled polymer solutions in capillaries act as anti-convective media to completely suppress the EOF and to keep band diffusion small. In addition, sieving occurs as the solutes move through the pore network of the gels or entangled polymer solution.

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