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By F. E. Beamish

ISBN-10: 0120839504

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S e e Table 2 . 2 for data on precision. The Richvale Method for Iridium, Ruthenium, and Osmium One of the problems yet to be solved is the determination of ruthenium, iridium, and osmium in fire assay beads. These metals are soluble in molten lead, but they appear to exsolve upon cooling. The present author has rarely found lines of iridium or osmium in spectra from fire assay beads prepared from ore samples. It is known that some or all of the osmium may be lost as a volatile oxide during cupellation.

Standard samples were prepared by alloying platinum metals in lead and making successive dilutions with pure lead to obtain the desired concentrations. The mutual standard method of calculation (72) was used in developing analytical curves and in analyzing samples. Hawley and Rimsaite used the improved method to determine platinum metals in some Canadian uranium and sulfide ores (73). Ginzburg a/. , of the Russian copper smelting industry by introducing a regulus containing these metals into an ac carbon arc.

D i s s o l v e 2 . 5 g of S n C l 2 * 2 H 2 O reagent grade in 8 ml of hydrochloric acid. Warm gently to d i s s o l v e . C o o l , and dilute to 2 5 ml with water. Procedure Sample sinter procedure and distillation of osmium and ruthenium. 7) to a 25 ml nickel crucible. A d d 2 0 g of barium peroxide per gram of s a m p l e , and mix well by stirring with a thin plastic rod. Place the nickel crucible in a muffle furnace at 7 0 0 ° C for 16 hr. ) Cool the nickel crucible. T o r e m o v e the sinter, invert the crucible onto glazed paper.

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