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By Peter Knight

ISBN-10: 1576078124

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Cambridge: Cambridge University Press. Reade, Julian. 2000. Mesopotamia. 2d edition. London: British Museum Press. Roaf, Michael. 1990. Cultural Atlas of Mesopotamia. New York: Facts on File. Roux, Georges. 1992. Ancient Iraq. 3d edition. Harmondsworth: Penguin. Saggs, H. W. F. 1995. Peoples of the Past. Babylonians. London: British Museum Press. Wilkinson, T. J. “Indian Ocean: Cradle of Globalization. html (cited October 2, 2002). III CHAPTER 3 Historical and Chronological Setting HISTORY OF THE INVESTIGATION OF MESOPOTAMIA’S PAST Investigations into Their Past by the Assyrians and Babylonians The people of Mesopotamia had great respect for their traditions.

Dug at Ur and restored the Nabu temple and ziggurat at Borsippa. Nabonidus (r. ) investigated and restored many sacred places in Sumer and Akkad, including the ancient Akkadian capital Agade. Here after some three years of fruitless searching he at last discovered the remains of the temple of Ishtar: A heavy rainstorm cut a trench revealing the temple. Nabonidus was a devotee of the moon god Sin (Nanna), whose temples at Ur and Harran he restored. While excavating the residence of the entu-priestess of Sin at Ur, Nabonidus was thrilled to find ancient inscriptions.

Layard believed the French had abandoned their claim to Kuyunjik when Botta transferred to Khorsabad, and in 1846 he conducted a trial investigation there himself. The French representative maintained his nation’s primary right to the mound and also started work on it, A portrait of Austen Layard, whose leading to an unedifying race and mutual reinvestigations at Kalhu and Nineveh inspired popular interest in ancient Assyria. (Library of criminations. Congress) Layard’s excavations at Nimrud, on a grander scale than before, yielded magnificent results.

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