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By Kevin Hile

ISBN-10: 0791079228

ISBN-13: 9780791079225

ISBN-10: 1438105916

ISBN-13: 9781438105918

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These animals have worth in and of themselves; they value their life; they care and nurture for their young; they build communities amongst themselves. If you look at the animal kingdom, they’re architects, they’re builders, they’re fun seekers. It’s not anthropomorphism, it’s just simple common sense, simple observation that tells us this. Point1 1/14/04 6:56 AM Page 39 Animals Are Worthy of Certain Rights about the right to vote or to drive. That would be entirely useless to animals. But simply that we give equal consideration to the needs of animals.

LAWA might not have passed at all were it not for an exposé published in the February 1966 issue of Life magazine that detailed the terrible conditions dogs were enduring at animal dealer facilities. Revised in 1970 as the Animal Welfare Act (AWA), this law now protects many “warm-blooded” animals being used in research, with the notable exception of birds and rodents. Point2 54 1/14/04 7:00 AM Page 54 ANIMAL RIGHTS Because there has been so much controversy over the use of animal experimentation, the government is taking steps to better monitor the use of animals in scientific and industrial research.

Koko understands approximately 2,000 words of spoken English. Koko initiates the majority of conversations with her human companion and typically constructs statements averaging three to six words. ’ ” 4 • Is language a good indication of intelligence? There are many ways that animals can communicate—with sounds, body language, and smells—that are not like human language. Should animal communication skills be judged based on how similar they are to human language? With the many similarities between higher apes and people, one might not be too surprised that chimps and gorillas can learn to communicate with humans, at least on a basic level.

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